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Facts about Phycology Phycology is the science that studies all forms of algae, from very tiny microorganisms that float through the ocean to huge forests of seaweed. These sushi rolls are wrapped with dried seaweed, a type of algae that is commonly eaten by people. History of Phycology Although people have known about algae and even eaten it for thousands of years, it has only been studied scientifically for about the last years.

The Swedish scientists Carl Adolph Agardh was one of the most important phycologists in history. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more?

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  • European Journal of Phycology: Vol 54, No 4.
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  • Das Paradox über die Empfindsamkeit: Eine Analyse der differierenden Wertung und Verwendung des Attributs sensibilité in Diderots Paradox über den Schauspieler (German Edition)!

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