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They match perfectly to the curtain fabric. One thing I am super stoked about, is this awesome lighting that we stumbled upon. We were after some under cabinet lighting, but there is a big surprise in store for you once we get this little treasure hooked up! Ebooks and Manuals

And right near the cash register lines we discovered the most adorable solar lights and they just jumped right into our cart! It was super fun shopping with Mr. While Mr. Handy works on plumbing and electrical, I will be sewing up a storm, making curtains and pillows.

Vampires' champion Files #5 [Urban Fantasy audiobook] Part 1 of 4

Tags: trailer , be happy , creative , glamping , happiness , kids. One of the things our family loves to do most is travel. Our two-week Christmas vacation in Hawaii was certainly a highlight. A new adventure is in store for us now. Because I am an avid Pinterest aficionado read:addict , I began noticing those adorable little trailers that had been all fixed up and retro-ed out, and I decided I wanted one of those adorable little trailers, too! The search began. I scoured our local online classifieds until we found the perfect trailer.

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We looked at several trailers before settling on The One. Those other trailers were quite frightening. Rotting floor boards, shredded seat cushions, mysterious and disgusting odors… It was a little bit discouraging. And then… there she was. A nearly perfect Jet trailer with beautiful bones. The moment I walked in the door and saw her turquoise appliances I was smitten. We could hardly wait to get our hands dirty.

And so, on Saturday morning, we rallied the troops and got to work.

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Here are some of her before pictures just click on them to see the larger images :. Those gorgeous turquoise appliances made me weak in the knees! Twin 2 and Adorable Nephew look on as Twin 1 gets stuck in the storage compartment. Polishing the propane lantern over the dinette. Handy wanted to see if the gas lines were good.

We were both super excited to discover the stove and oven work, the furnace fires up, and even the pilot light for the refrigerator seems to be in working order. We have a family camping trip planned for Memorial Day weekend, so we have a lot to do in the next couple of months, but that was all the time we had for one day.

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We have grand plans for our little beauty, and hope you will follow along with us as we polish our little lump of coal into the sparkling diamond I know she will be. I was so touched that they would feel safe enough to bare their souls like that. Here it is:. From the time I was very small I only wanted two things: to be a mom and a teacher. As a teenager I forced the kids I babysat to play school -until their mom called to tell me that I was the only one who thought that was fun.

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The memories are so close to the surface! No more boys with freckles and glasses hiding their bruises with long sleeves, yet writing quiet pleas for help in their journals. No more beautiful girls who look in the mirror and see monsters, then starve themselves to try and look like the fake girls in those poisonous magazines.

No more tall, messy-haired boys who try to hide their growling stomachs because they never get enough to eat and the fridge is empty at home. No more soft-spoken, sweet-hearted girls who have so much love to give, yet feel like shadows that nobody sees. No more brown-eyed boys who wear holey shoes and pants three sizes too big and spend all their time in their rooms because nobody shows them love.

No more girls with low self-esteem who tear others down to make themselves feel better. I see all these kids. I love ALL these kids. I have seen the power of a simple smile to change a moment, a day, a life. I have seen the amazing power of words — words that can do as much harm as guns and as much good as medicine.

They hold the future in their hands and they WILL make this world a better place just because they exist. Summer Camp Tags: creative , teaching , writing.

The pigeons were more numerous in those days. But, the exact reason why escapes me at the moment. Oh, wait a sec; it was the bag ladies. Yeah, that was it. Remember that? Looking elsewhere? Sorry about that senseless diversion. Well, you get the picture. And parcel. Sometimes you have to type stuff like this to keep the story going. Or, to momentarily derail it while buying time. But, I digress. Moving night along.

Psecret Psociety Pshort Pstories, vol. 1

Ok, now there was this one really bad alcoholic pill-popper. And, lo and behold, he got the nickname, Plasma. I kid you not. Well, at first he really despised the moniker, but he grew into liking its fit. Plasma is ready to collect! Let me stop for a second and tell you that that last Diet Cherry Coke — the one that was on the office floor for seven months — well, some remnants were left on the inside of the plastic bottle after gulping it down — the same remnants which are probably on my insides now.

Lovely, I know. And, hey, how about that — a sentence with a back—to—back that.

The JET Files: Mosquitoville by Jennifer Anderson (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

Did you catch that? That is to be avoided, right? And, yes, I do this without Adderall or sign-language sympathy. Ok, enough, enough, enough. Back to our waggish tale. Perhaps you are now wondering: Did Plasma have a job? Why, of course not. Where did he live? And, all through the winter, too, mind you.

Plasma slept through the frigid nights donning a found-on-the-street Sugar Mountain ski mask. He timed his bathroom breaks like a German train. And, how did he smell? Usually as ripe as a soft, decomposing, post-Halloween pumpkin. Well, Plasma was the son of a downtown banker. Back then downtown was called, well, downtown — not uptown. Yes, it was the oh-too-typical story of the only-son rich kid. Pop was always bailing him out of his screw-ups. Trivia note: This is also the motto of the city of Cebu in the Philippines.

Money for the essentials was never a problem for Plasma.